Privacy Policy

Last modified:  January 24, 2024

Whether your create account  is created on or websites and applications established by, your profile will stored in the database of Aconf.

For users who create a conference

If you make a website or application through Aconf, user account information is stored and managed by Aconf after the user is registered via the website or application you created. Make sure to you have known it and make your users know it well.

For authors/participants

Aconf will not disclosure any user's information to any person or organization excluding you register or submit an abstract/paper to a conference/event organizer.

When you register a website or service established by the third party through Aconf, the third party will have the right to view profile.

Privacy Security

Aconf dedicates to protecting user's privacy, but users still need to understand the risks associated with network security.


Aconf will not use cookie or similar technology excluding your login status and visit statistics in Aconf. 

PCI Compliance

The Aconf platform does not store any credit card information; instead, we rely on third-party payment data processors. These third parties are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring that our security policies and procedures meet the required standards.

Version 1: May 15, 2019

Version 2: May 19, 2023

Version 3: January 24, 2024  PCI compliance declare