Aconf Event Organizing System

Make your event organizing smart and extend your conference's value!

Aconf Webinar provides an online solution for an academic event mode based on slide file or video presentations. Also, audio and video communication are supported.

It provides document transcoding, audio and video real-time communication, whiteboard, screen sharing, graffiti, IM, and video VOD functions.

It is an integral part of the Aconf academic event organizing system, which can ensure the standardized implementation of manuscript submission, registration, registration fee collection and meeting room access control in an academic event.

Application Scenarios

It is suitable for academic event based on presentations which can be a lectures/tutorial with single or series of presentations, meetings, workshops or conferences with multiple presentation.

There is participants number limit in a meeting room.

Modules & Functions
  • Account & Role

    Seamless connecting aconf event management system, inheriting the account and participant code system.
    There are 3 roles in a session: session convener, reporter and audience which have different authorities

  • Program & Timetable

    Inheriting the program and timetable in aconf event management system

  • Audio & Video Real-time Communication

    Audio & video real-time communication function is included.

  • Slide and Video Presentation

    Slide, video and other document presentation synchronizes at all participants' screen.

  • Document transcoding

    Presentation files, videos and files uploaded can be transcoding for presentation online.

  • Whiteboard & Graffiti

    Whiteboard & graffiti are available.

  • Screen Sharing

    Screen real-time sharing.

  • Live Streaming

    Live streaming broadcast when necessary.

  • On-Cloud Recording

    Real-time video recording for VOD.

  • Audience Audio/video Authority

    Audience can be authorize to join audio/video real-time communication.

  • Instant Messaging (IM)

    IM supports real-time message communication in a meeting room.

  • Video sharing

    Real-time video sharing which will make video playing synchronizes at all participants' screen.

  • Picture sharing

    Real-time sharing pictures on all participants' screen

  • Webpage sharing

    Sharing webpage to all paritipants' white board.

  • Session Files

    Load and upload files sharing in the current session.

  • Connecting to the registration system;
  • It offers a global end-to-end latency and guarantees high-quality, smooth and stable audio/video communication even in weak network environments for participants for all over the world;
  • Customized UI supported;
  • Parallel multiple sessions are supported;
  • Single conference room supports unlimited number of online users, 50 audio and video users at the same time;
  • Real-time video recording, live streaming broadcast when necessary;
  • There are 3 roles in a session: session convener, reporter and audience which have different authorities
  • The meeting room and live room will sharing a same chat room.
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