Aconf Event Organizing System

Make your event organizing smart and extend your conference's value!

Aconf academic event management system is a tool software for organizing academic event. It is composed of multiple modules such as academic affairs, conference affairs, money collection, hotel reservation, financial management, website building, video conference, webinar, live broadcast and on-demand, providing online and offline support to comprehensive step processes for your conference.

It not only supports offline event, but also supports online seminars, video conferences and virtual meetings, providing professional solutions for academic event in various scenarios.

Application Scenarios

All kind of online/offline event including lecture, workshop, meeting, conferences are strongly spported.

Modules & functions
Academic affairs
  • Submission & review system

    Manuscript submission, reviewer invitation and management, review management, submission management, manuscript package and export etc. Submission form can be customized and latex is supported.

  • Contribution management

    Ccontribution submission & management, speaker management and authority system, Slide file & video file upload, Slide online view and VOD. Latex is supported.

  • Program & timetable

    Session & session block management, program and time table tools.

Conference Affairs
  • Registration

    Registration settings, tiket settings, online registration and participants management etc.

  • Hotel Reservation

    Hotel & room management, online reservation, guests mangement, money collection solutions. A management tools is offered to help hotel managers manage the reservation.

  • Sign-in

    Flexible sign-in solutions.

  • Chest card

    Chest card style settings, Tag settings, printer settings, card printing. The function coordinates with sign-in process.

  • Meetting room management

    The function not only supports offline physical meeting room, but also supports online meeting rooms.

  • Exhibition

    Exhibition info, Booth reservation, booth management, and exhibitor management.

Video live and VOD
  • Live Broadcasting

    Multiple live streaming server in many countries, Live video in PC and mobile page, Multi-sessions are supported, Global CDN distribiton.

  • VOD

    Live video, online confence video can be record automatically. integrated

  • Presentation VOD

    Video collection, uploading, media management, automatic transcoding, video review and analysis, and video delivery acceleration. It is integrated with event management system, give strong support to virtual conference.

Online Conference
  • Aconf Webinar

    A online event model which greatly suitable for slide and video presentation. Functions includes White board, audio & video comunication, screen sharing, IM, video record etc.

  • Aconf Video Conference

    A online event model usually suits audio & video comunication. Also synchronous live broadcast is supported. screen sharing, IM are included.

Finacial System
  • Payment System

    Not only Credit card, UnionPaym alipay, wepay online pay solutions, but also Wire/Trasfer, cash , POS are supported. 153+ currencies are supported.

  • Invoice

    Invoice Application and Issue. VAT invoice and proforma bill invoice are supported. Porforma invoice template can be customized.

  • Order, Bill and Account

    Orders management, Flexible settings of money collection collection. Bill and account balance sheet is availlable.

Website & Mobile Support
  • Event website

    Generate a website in a simply way. Edit webpage WYSWYG. Customized template and domain, multilingual supported.

  • H5 App

    H5 App is available. It is friendly to share on mobile. Also, it help to finish some jobs nicely by qrcode's help.

  • Mobile App

    Package a app for Android or IOS.

Knowledge Repository
  • Manuscript Archive

    Abstract/paper archive include datebase of manuscript details such as title, authors, abstract, keywords etc. Also abstract and paper files are archived.

  • Contribution Archive

    Contribution archive include datebase of contribution details such as title, speaker, abstract, keywords. Also slide, video and attachment files are archived.

  • Video Repository

    Event video and presentation video repository.

  • Shop

    Offer functions to collect money for some charge items such as article process charge, extra page charge and tours etc.

  • SMS & email

    Template management, message tracking system, bulk SMS and mails supported.

  • Role and authority

    System defines 16 roles. Administrator can authorize staffs based on the system.

  • User management

    User data management and bulk mails.

  • Photo gallery

    Photo gallery management.

  • News & files

    Publish news or share files.

  • Statistics

    Confenece data and website visitors statistics.


Professional solutions for academic events;

Both online/offline event supported;

Localization: timezone, currencies, multilingual.

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