Aconf Event Organizing System

Make your event organizing smart and extend your conference's value!

Aconf academic event system can provide solutions for virtual conference. Speakers upload presentation slides and videos to the meeting system. Participants read slide ,watch presentation video on demand and communicate with presentators in a simple way.

It is an integral part of the Aconf academic event organizing system, which can ensure the standardized implementation of manuscript submission, registration, registration fee collection and meeting room access control in an academic event.

Application Scenarios

Suitable for the events which have difficulties to organizing physical or online conferencem especially when participants from difficult timezone.

Also it is suitable for some participants who cannot appear on-site. They can upload they presentation slide files and videos to share to other participants.

Modules & Functions
  • Account & Role

    Seamless connecting aconf event management system, inheriting the account and participant code system.
    There are 3 roles in a session: session convener, reporter and audience which have different authorities

  • Program & Timetable

    Inheriting the program and timetable in aconf event management system

  • Slide/Other files Transcode

    Trascode slide/other files for read online.

  • Upload Video & Transcode

    Upload video functions with intermittent upload supported. Most type of video type are supported. The uploaded video will be transcoded for VOD.

  • VOD

    Global CND and adapted video definition will satisfy all participants from all over the world to enjoy a smooth experience.

  • Comunication

    A simply communication way is available for participants to share they ideas which the presenters.

  • Connecting to the registration system;
  • It offers a global end-to-end latency and guarantees high-quality, smooth and stable audio/video communication even in weak network environments for participants for all over the world;
  • Intermittent upload supported;
  • Global CND and adapted video definition will satisfy all participants from all over the world to enjoy a smooth experience;
  • Access protection settings
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