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Keywords:Wireless Sensors,Biosensors,Bulk And Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors,Acoustic Velocity Sensors,Amperometric sensors,Carbon Monoxide Sensors,Charge-coupled image sensors,Chemical and biological sensors,,Sensors,Chemical sensors,Gyroscopes And Microelectromechanical (mems) Sensors,IEEE Sensors Council,Wireless Sensors,Wearable Sensors,Optical Sensors,Mechanical Sensors,Microsensors,Sensors And Actuators,Ultrasonic Sensors,Thermal sensors,Thin-film And Thick-film Gas Sensors,Intelligent Sensors,
Scope:The IEEE Sensors Conference is a forum for presentation, discussion, and exchange of state of the art information including the latest research and development in sensors and their related fields. It brings together researchers, developers, and practitioners from diverse fields including international scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes, and companies to present and discuss the latest results in the general field of sensors.
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