The SISC provides a unique forum for device engineers, solid-state physicists, and materials scientists to discuss issues of common interest. Principal topics for discussion at SISC are semiconductor/insulator interfaces, the physics of insulating thin films, and the interaction among materials science, device physics, and state-of-the-art technology.

The first SISC meeting was held in 1965 and attendance was by invitation. The upcoming conference, now public, will be held in San Diego, right after the IEDM. An important goal of the conference is to provide an environment that encourages interplay between scientific and technological issues. Invited and contributed talks, as well as a lively poster sessions, are presented in an informal setting designed to encourage discussion, and conference participants enjoy numerous opportunities for social gatherings with renown scientists and engineers.

The conference addresses a wide range of interface-related topics ranging from the traditional silicon-based devices, including the SiC and SiGe systems, to high-mobility semiconductor interfaces and emerging areas beyond the state-of-the-art. Wednesday tutorial lecture, invited and contributed talks are complemented by informal events designed to encourage lively discussion and debate.

This year's SISC will continue the long-standing tradition of presenting an award memorializing Prof. E. H. Nicollian. The award will be given for the best student presentation. Ed Nicollian was a pioneer in the exploration of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) systems. His contributions were important to establishing SISC in its early years, and he served as the Technical Chair in 1982. With John Brews, he wrote the definitive book MOS Physics and Technology.

Additionally, the SISC T. P. Ma Award will be presented to the lead student author of a poster presentation. Prof. T. P. Ma was an internationally recognized pioneer of semiconductor science and technology, with notable contributions to high-k dielectrics, ferroelectrics and ionizing radiations. He has been actively participating to SISC along his entire career, contributing to the continued success of the conference.

SISC is sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society.

For registration information and general inquiries about SISC, please contact the Arrangements Chair.

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The SISC is a workshop-style conference that provides a forum for device engineers, solid state physicists, and materials scientists to discuss topics of common interest, formally through invited and contributed presentations, and informally during various events including poster presentation sessions. The SISC is sponsored by the IEEE Electron Device Society.

This year, SISC will be held as a fully in-person event.

The program includes talks and poster presentations (theory and experiment) on the role of materials and their interfaces on performance and reliability of:

  • Logic Devices for future technology nodes (Nanosheet, CFET, VFET, etc.),
  • Insulators on High-Mobility substrates (SiGe, Ge, etc.),
  • Non-Volatile Memory for AI / In-Memory / Neuromorphic Compute (ReRAM, PCM, ECRAM, etc.),
  • Wide Bandgap semiconductor power devices (SiC, GaN, β-Ga2O3, etc.),
  • Ferroelectric devices (FET, memory, etc.),
  • Steep Sub-Threshold slope logic devices (Tunnel FETs, etc.),
  • 2D materials and devices,
  • Monolithic and/or Heterogeneous ICs (BEOL oxide transistors, interconnects, packaging, etc.),

including machine learning / materials discovery techniques developed and used for their study.

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    Dec 17



    Dec 20


  • Aug 31 2025

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Dec 20 2025

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