The conference will provide a forum for the exchange of scientific and technical information between industry, academic institutions and research organizations on the broad range of current and emerging research areas about technologies and applications of pulsed power, high power particle beams and magnetic fields. There are a growing number of industrial, environmental and biomedical applications using these technologies. During the conference important applications and their corresponding commercial opportunities will be discussed such as: the reduction of pollutants from fossil fuels; application of pulsed plasma and electric field techniques for air- or water treatment, food sterilization including extraction, bioelectrics and cancer treatment; novel pulsed techniques for separating water from oil; magneto-forming techniques and many others. In 2024 for the first time EML joins our conference, where the topic will be electromagnetic launch systems and applications.

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    Sep 22



    Sep 26


  • Apr 01 2024

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  • Sep 26 2024

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