itag’s Cyber Research Conference Ireland (CRCI 2024) acts as a meeting point where researchers from academia, industry, research groups/centres, companies and public authorities working in the field of cybersecurity and related areas can exchange knowledge and experience with the shared goal of strengthening research and building networks in the field across the island of Ireland.  The IEEE CRCI 2024 conference will accept high-quality regular research papers, as well as industrial papers promoting contributions on technology development, innovations and implementations. We encourage papers from industry and will provide guidance to those who request it. Guidance does not guarantee acceptance at the conference.

Although the majority of participants at the IEEE CRCI 2024 are expected to be currently based within the island of Ireland, submissions from outside Ireland are also welcome, provided that at least one of the authors was based on the island of Ireland at the time the research was conducted and/or the research was at least partially conducted within Ireland. We also encourage diversity across authors of our papers.

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit previously unpublished contributions from a broad range of topics, which include but are not limited to the following broad tracks:

  • Building and managing cyber resilience
  • Cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Human and legal aspects of cybersecurity and cybercrime
  • Cybersecurity education and research
  • General cybersecurity issues


Each of the above tracks is further broken down on the Tracks and Topics page.

Please note that photographers will be working throughout the event. Photographs of speakers and paper authors will normally be taken throughout the day. If you are not happy to have your photograph taken you should contact us to discuss the matter. It may not be possible to exclude individuals from crowd photographs.

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Important Date
  • Nov 25


    Conference Date

  • Sep 13 2024

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Nov 25 2024

    Registration deadline

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