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The world is envisioning to reach carbon neutrality as early as 2030, with most Asian countries setting their net-zero targets to 2050. Decarbonizing supply chains is not only an environmental necessity, but also a strategic opportunity for industries; how to identify, track and reduce Scope 3 upstream emissions is important for decarbonizing supply chains.


This summit will give you the opportunity to learn about the latest practices, cost-cutting strategies, innovative processes and ideas, and the latest solutions for tackling the challenges of supply chain decarbonization and sustainability in Asia Pacific.


Hot Points


  1. Align Business Strategies and Decision-making with Regulation and Climate Goals
  2. Acceleration of Carbon Accounting
  3. Reduce Scope 3 Emissions
  4. Engage Suppliers
  5. Supply Chain Collaboration for Sustainability
  6. Leverage Innovative Solutions for Supply Chain Decarbonization


Who Should Attend?



Consulting, Food and Beverage, Home Appliance, Vehicle & Auto Parts, Luxury Goods, Apparel & Footwear, Electronics, Healthcare& Pharma, Chemicals, Energy & Oils & Gas, Bags & Suitcases, Infant & Mom, Retailers, Supply Chain & Logistics, Software.



CEO, SC VP/Director/Manager, Logistics VP/Director/Manager,  Logistics, Sustainability Director/Manager, SC Sustainability Director/Manager, Purchasing Sustainability VP, Responsible Purchasing Director/Manager, Warehouse Director/Manager, Value Chain Sustainability Director/Manager, Sustainability/ Climate VP, Climate Director/Manager, Environmental Sustainability VP/Director/Manager, Operation Sustainability Director/Manager.


Day 1


  1. Align Business Strategies and Decision-making with Regulation and Climate Goals: Supply Chain Decarbonization and Sustainability in Asia
  2. The Roadmap for End-to-End Supply Chain Decarbonization in Asia
  3. Data Empower Scope 3 Carbon Accounting
  4. Unlocking Asia’s Climate Potential through Supply Chain
  5. Harness Transparency Across Value Chain for Decarbonization
  6. Leverage Data and Analytics to Deliver End-to-end Sustainability Capabilities across the Entire Value Chain
  7. New Supplier Engagement Guide: Unlocking the Power of Supply Chains for Decarbonization
  8. How to Meet the Increasing Emissions Targets While Mitigate Costs and Boost Resilience
  9. Panel Discussion: Manage Scope 3 Emissions to Meet Climate Goals in APAC


Day 2


  1. Decarbonization throughout the Whole Supply Chain under the Background of the CBAM
  2. Engage Supplier to Visualize Carbon Footprint or LCA across Supply Chain
  3. Procurement Performance Management System for Decarbonizing Supply Chain
  4. How to Conduct a Value Chain GHG Footprint Assessment
  5. Decarbonizing Logistics in APAC
  6. Reduce Shipping Emissions for Companies in APAC
  7. Sustainability through Optimizing Logistics Operations toward Decarbonization with Advance Digital Technologies
  8. Panel Discussion: How MNCs Can Thrive Towards a more Sustainable Supply Chain




Phone: +86 -15950466513

Official website for more details: Asia Supply Chain Decarbonization and Sustainability Summit 2024_ECV International



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