As we continually dive deeper into diagnostic techniques, the importance of multimodality molecular imaging becomes indisputably evident. PET, SPECT, and MR remain formidable powerhouses for in-vivo molecular imaging. The fusion of PET (or SPECT) with MR information is primed to bridge the divide between molecular inspection and systemic diagnosis. The introduction of total-body PET and precision timing technologies has unequivocally emerged as a potent instrument, enhancing the information bandwidth of PET systems. In unison, they have radically transformed the paradigm of molecular imaging, shedding light on hitherto unexplored frontiers and pioneering unprecedented applications.

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming "PSMR - 10th Conference on PET, SPECT, and MR Multimodal Technologies, Total Body and Fast Timing in Medical Imaging" for 2024. Continuing the successful series of past conferences, we are introducing a fresh focus on emerging PET, SPECT, and MR technologies.

The conference will cover the technological aspects of PET, SPECT and MR multimodal systems and their clinical and preclinical applications alongside dedicated systems, novel technologies, and new tracers. A special session will be entirely dedicated to next-gen MR technologies with a potential impact on future multimodal systems, allowing the mitigation of issues caused by being together (“couple therapy”). Building on the latest edition of the conference, the Total-body PET topics will now be an integral part of the event rather than a workshop. Furthermore, this year we're excited to announce that the conference will join forces with the Fast Timing in Medical Imaging workshop, giving birth to a new and more comprehensive event for our community.

The event is scheduled from 20th to 23th of May 2024 at the Hotel Hermitage on "la Biodola" Gulf, on Elba Island (Italy).

We eagerly anticipate your participation in this year's PSMR Conference. Looking forward to welcoming you to the Conference!

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