In the framework of the conference the round table “Acoustoelectronics and acoustooptics: problems, prospects and applications” will be held.

The papers which are discussed at the conference can be divided into the following chapters:

  • Acoustooptics

The results of current and promising scientific research on the solution of the problems of the interaction of optical and sound waves, the results of research in the fields of knowledge related to acousto-optics, as well as the results of the development and research of instruments using acousto-optical interaction are presented. A variety of applications of acousto-optic devices are made possible by the versatility of the acousto-optic effect, with which it is possible effectively manipulate all the parameters of an optical wave. Acousto-optic devices make it possible to control the intensity of laser radiation, the position of the optical beam in space, the polarization and phase of the optical wave, as well as the spectral composition and spatial structure of the optical beams. A significant place is given to the development of new materials for acoustoptics.

  • Acoustoelectronics

The results of current and promising scientific research on solving the problems of applying the effects of interaction of optical radiation with matter, the results of research in areas of knowledge adjacent to acoustoelectronics, as well as the results of the development and research of devices using elements or nodes of optoelectronics used to convert optical radiation into electrical signals and vice versa are presented. A significant place is given to the development of new materials for acoustoelectronics.

  • Methods and Devices of Information Processing

The most important issues of the theory of optical imaging, coherent optics and holography, taking into account the current achievements of scientific and technological progress are considered. Signal processing systems both in the radio and in the optical range, imaging, elements of Fourier optics, the principles of spatial optical filtering are discussed. The range of issues under consideration also covers the following issues: the design and operation of modern filters, modulators, signal processing of radar systems, information storage devices and optical computers.

  • Data Processing and Transmission in Information and Telecommunication Systems

The results of current research directions in the field of information transmission and processing, dedicated to solving important problems of noise-resistant coding, evaluation of the limiting characteristics of communication systems, machine learning and decision-making methods are presented. Such a wide range of studies shows a lot of current problems that are formed at the junction of information theory, coding theory and queuing theory.

  • Round table «Acoustoelectronics and acoustooptics: problems, prospects and applications»

The current and promising scientific developments of research and production associations and industrial enterprises of Russia and abroad in the field of acoustooptics and optoelectronics are presented. Scientific discussions of universities and industry participants in the framework of the round table on the problems and prospects of development of acoustooptics and optoelectronics are need to strengthen the communication of science and production, further improve information and telecommunication systems, improve their technical characteristics and will contribute to the introduction of high technologies.

  • Electromechanics and Control Systems

The current issues are reviewed and current research results in areas related to automation, control and management systems, as well as issues relating to technical diagnostics, information support and methods of designing automated technical systems are given. No less important are issues related to the creation of electromechanical transducers with high-energy parameters that have both traditional and non-traditional designs.

  • Microelectronic Embedded Systems

The issues include but not limited by: microelectronic components architecture and design, embedded systems architecture, embedded networks and protocols, firmware for microelectronic systems, microelectronic systems testing and verification, microelectronic embedded systems software engineering and tools, problem-oriented microelectronic systems.

  • Modeling and Situational Quality Management in Electronics and Instrumentation

The issues of metrological support, environmental management, process modeling at various stages of the life cycle of high-tech production in the radio-electronic industry are considered.

  • Instrumentation and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Topical issues and the results of scientific research in the field of advanced instrumentation, obtaining dynamic data from instrumentation systems for processing and building digital models of systems and processes, information processing methods, developing instrument designs for unmanned systems and making decisions on the digital transformation of transport processes are considered. The relevance of the problems of the section forms the interdisciplinary nature of scientific tasks, issues related to the creation of a new generation of information-measuring systems and instrumentation systems for transport systems, issues of data collection and processing for building dynamic systems models.

  • Quantum Telecommunications

Seminar organized jointly by The Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI), ITMO University and Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI)

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