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The retirement tide of EV batteries has promoted the gradual release of recyclable battery waste and driven the development of the global lithium recycling market, with the volume of end-of-life batteries and process scraps rising at a CAGR of 43% over 2021-2030; The Chinese market, which leads the global EV market, is also expected to usher in considerable growth in the field of Li-battery recycling.

In order to accelerate the construction of a green closed-loop full industry chain ecosystem for power batteries, promote the exchange and collision of advanced technology and practical experience globally, and promote the green and healthy development of the power battery recycling industry, the 2nd China International Power Battery Recycling Summit will be held in Guangzhou from June 3 to 4, 2024.


◆ Global Market Overview and Development Trends of EV Battery Recycling and Reuse
◆ Latest LIBs Recycling Technologies and Industrialization Globally
◆ Pollution Control and Environment Management in Battery Recycling
◆ Technology Innovation in Battery Pre-treatment
◆ Progress in Battery Sorting and Diagnostic Methodology
◆ Ecofriendly Extraction of Metals from EOF Lithium-ion Batteries
◆ Large-scale Cascading Utilization of Retired Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
◆ Hydrometallurgical Recovery of Key Materials from LFP Batteries
◆ Recycling and utilization of negative electrode materials and electrolytes
◆ Key technologies for Direct Regeneration and Recycling of Spent LIBs
◆ EU Battery Regulations and the Critical Raw Materials Act
◆ High Value Recycling Technology for Black Mass
◆ Automation, Electrification and Digital Solutions for Battery Recycling Plants
◆ Sustainable End-to-end Responsibility for the Entire Value Chain of EV Batteries

Why to attend

  • Unparalleled networking opportunities: More than 400 participants and 20 plenary speakers, more than 30 new energy vehicle companies will join, most of them are experts or high-level management and decision-makers,
  • Pick up local operational best practices: 80% of the whitelisted recyclers in China will attend,learn the technology development and application.
  • Plant tours: Will visit three battery recycling plants in China, including physical direct regeneration, Hydrometallurgical Recovery, and Intelligent Pre-treatment
  • Private VIP communication: The organiser will help to arrange one-to-one communication opportunities and also invite the specific companies you will like to meet with.
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