Sponsored by IEEE Beijing Section and Beijing Jiaotong University, the ICSP 2024 is the 17th one of the ICSP conference series, which began from 1990 in Beijing.  During the past 34 years theory and technology of signal processing have been advanced extremely quickly and spread widely in all the disciplines of engineering and scientific fields. Signal processing has also a great effect on the day-to-day life of the human beings. To keep the pace with the technology development and the state of art of applications, the ICSP is being held once every two years. The 17th IEEE ICSP will bring together diversity of authors and speakers from many nations and regions to share ideas and new perspectives in both theoretical and practical aspects of signal processing.


Conference Co-Chairmen:

 LONG Teng  China
 LI Fu  U.S.A.
 ZHENG Baoyu  China


Conference Advisers

 YUAN Baozong  China
 XIE Weixin  China
 FUJSAKI Hiroya  Japan


Technical Program Committee Chairman:

 WEI Shikui China


Technical Program Committee Co-Chairmen

 HIROSE Heikichi Japan
 LI Fu U.S.A.
 ZHU YueMin France 
 TAO JianHua China 


Local Arrangement Committee:

 CEN YiGang China 
 YANG Feng China 
 JIN Yi China 


Regional Committee:

 America Committee Chairman: Sun, M.G. U.S.A.
 Australia Committee Chairman: Chen,  F. Australia
 Canada Committee Chairman: Zhang, J.K. Canada
 Europe Committee Chairman: Zhu, Y. M. France
 Japan Committee Chairman: Hirose, K.   Japan 
 Korea Committee Chairman: Lee, M.H.  Korea 
 South Asia Committee Chairman: Ma, K.-K.   Singapore 


Technical Program Committee: 

 Barner, K.E.  France
 Blu, T.  U.S.A.
 Cambria,E.  Singapor
 Chan,Y.T.  Canada
 Chassery J.M.  France
 Cheung, G.  Japan
 Constantinides,A.G.  U.K.
 David,A.G.  U.S.A.
 Delachartre, P.  France
 Djuric,P.M.  U.S.A.
 Dooley,L.  U.K.
 Du, W.C.  Macao, China
 Dufaux,F.  France
 Durrani,T.S.  U.K.
 Er,M.H.  Singapore
 Flandrin,P.  France
 Fujisaki,H.  Japan
 Furui,S.  Japan
 Ghogho,M.  U.K.
 Hinamoto,T.  Japan
 Huang,G.  Canada
 Jannaron,R.J.  U.S.A.
 Juang,B-H.  U.S.A.
 Kaveh,M.  U.S.A.
 Kittler,J.  U.K.
 Knoll,A.  Germany
 Kuo,G.S.  U.S.A.
 Lee,C.H.  U.S.A.
 Lee,S.  Korea
 Li,F.  U.S.A.
 Liang,W.L.  U.K.
 Lueder,E.  Germany
 Luo, J.H.  China
 Luo,Z.Q.  U.S.A.
 Maitre,H.  France
 Maragos,P.  Greece
 Moraga,C.  Germany
 Ng,T.S.  Hong Kong,China
 Scharf,L.  U.S.A.
 Siu,W.C  Hong Kong,China
 Shi,Y.Q.   U.S.A.
 Sun, Y.N.   Taiwan,China
 Tang,Y.Y.  Hong Kong,China
 Touradj, E.  Switzerland
 Wong,K.M.  Canada
 Yahagi,T.  Japan
 Zhang,Y.X.  U.S.A.
 Bao Changchun  China
 Fu Shujun  China
 Huang Jianguo  China
 Huang Jiwu  China
 Huang Tiejun  China
 Li Bo  China
 Li Hongwei  China
 Li Hua  China
 Li Shutao  China
 Li Shuangtian  China
 Liu Chenglin  China
 Long Teng  China
 Ma Jinwen  China
 Ma Siwei  China
 Ma Xiaochuan  China
 Mao Shiyi  China
 Pan Jeng-Shyang  China
 Qiu Zhengding  China
 Sun Hong  China
 Wang LiHui  China
 Wang Yiding  China
 Wei Shikui  China
 Wu Feng  China
 Wu Renbiao  China
 Xie Weixin  China
 Xu Changsheng  China
 Yu Yibiao  China
 Yuan Baozong  China
 Zhang Su  China
 Zhang Yujin  China
 Zheng Baoyu  China
 Zheng Yuan  China
Call for paper

Important date

1970-01-01 00:00:00
Abstract submission deadline
1970-01-01 00:00:00
Abstract notification of acceptance
2024-06-15 00:00:00
Draft paper submission deadline
1970-01-01 00:00:00
Draft paper acceptance notification

Scope and Topics

A. Signal Processing
B. AI & Deep Learning
C. Large Language Model
D. Big Data & Blockchain
E. Autonomous driving
F. Information Retrieval
G. Multimodal learning
H. Artificial General Intelligence
I. Image Processing & Understanding
J. Speech Coding & Recognition
K. Embodied Artificial Intelligence
L. Image/Video Compression & Retrieval
M. Computer Vision & Graphics
N. Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition
O. Human-computer Interaction
P. Brain Interface
Q. Communication Signal Processing & 5th Generation
R. Vision, language, and reasoning
S. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
T. Medical and biological vision
U. Biometric recognition Technology
V. Internet of Things
W. Radar/Sonar Signal Processing
X. Robotics & Active agents
Y. Hardware Implementation
Z. Applications and Systems

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Oct 28



    Oct 31


  • Jun 15 2024

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Oct 31 2024

    Registration deadline

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