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Following the success of previous ISSNP (2007, Tsuruga, JP; 2008 and 2010, Harbin, CN; 2011, Daejeon, KR; 2012, Okayama, JP; 2013, Beijing, CN; 2014, Jeju, KR; 2015, Kyoto, JP; 2016, Chengdu, CN; 2018, Harbin, CN), the upcoming ISSNP-2024 will be held during September 2-4, 2024 in Yantai, China. ISSNP-2024 is organized to promote academic exchange of the topics of mainly human computer interaction (HCI), human machine interface (HMI), artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, instrumentation and control, and symbiosis of technology in symbiotic systems and nuclear industries.


The symposium welcomes the submission of full-length technical papers that will be peer reviewed and, if presented, published. All authors will present their papers in English. About 20 minutes will be allotted for each presentation.


The category of the ISSNP series conference is as follows:

Category 1: Safety and risk studies from social, environmental and economic aspects of nuclear energy.

Category 2: Sensors, instrumentation and control, operation, testing and maintenance, operator support, human-machine interface of nuclear power systems.

Category 3: Integrated aspects of energy systems (i.e., multipurpose utilization of nuclear energy, nuclear fuel cycle, plant decommissioning, comparative study of nuclear energy, etc.)

Category 4: Modeling and simulation for digital numerical reactors and nuclear fuel reprocessing technologies.

Category 5: Other general nuclear engineering (i.e., reactor physics, thermal-hydraulics, reactor core and plant behavior, nuclear fuel behavior, etc.)

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