There has been rapid research and development in technologies related to Science and Technologies such as Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computation and its allied areas during the past few years and the way they impacted human lives. The scope for further development always exists and this conference would provide the opportunity to discuss the state of art research contributions and to explore the avenues for future work which would help the society. This conference is aimed to bring researchers, practicing engineers, faculty members and students across the globe on a common platform to share their research ideas, innovative thinking’s that would pave way to attain solution to various real time problems. Many eminent researchers from different countries are expected to participate and interact with the young students and budding researchers of various institutions who are expected to be a part of this conference.

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Track 1: Electronics and Communication, Network and Power System Stability

1.     VLSI Design and Applications

2.     Embedded System Design

3.     Antenna and Microwave Engineering

4.     Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems

5.     RF Communication and 5G/6G Network

6.     Wireless Communication and Networks

7.     Image, Speech and Video Processing

8.     Biomedical Engineering

9.     Multimedia Processing

10.  DSP Algorithm and Architecture

11.  Multirate and Statistical Signal Processing

12.  Signal Processing for Communication and Networking

13.  Optical Fiber/Microwave communication

14.  Multimedia & real-time communication

15.  Video Processing

16.  Device to Device communication

17.  Mobile Communications

18.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

19.  Multimedia Networking

20.  Network Architectures

21.  Network Based Applications

22.  Wireless Sensor Networks

23.  Network security and privacy

24.  Optical Networking

25.  Medical Imaging and Image Processing

26.  Biomedical applications in molecular, structural, and functional imaging

27.  Medical Signal Acquisition, Analysis, and Processing

28.  Deep learning for Medical Imaging

Track 2: Advances in Computer Science, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence

1.       Block Chain

2.       Cyber Security

3.       Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

4.       Networking

5.       Data Mining

6.       Data Analytics

7.       Data Science

8.       Big Data Analytics

9.       Cloud Computing

10.    Deep Learning

11.    Natural Language Processing

12.    IoT and Industry 4.0

13.    IoT System Interfaces

14.    IoT-enhanced AR/VR/MR, Metaverse, and Games

15.    IoT protocols and Transports

16.    Electronics and Signal processing for IoT

17.    Grid Computing / Cloud Computing

18.    IT Software Development and Methodology

19.    Information Retrieval and Database Systems

20.    Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval

21.    Distributed Computing

22.    Information Technology Applications

23.    Software Architecture

24.    Evolutionary Algorithms

25.    Software Engineering

26.    Semantic Web and related topics

27.    Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents

28.    Operating systems

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    Nov 22


  • Jul 26 2024

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  • Nov 22 2024

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