The Underwater Technology (UT) symposium has been one of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society’s premier events. UT started 27 years ago, in 1998, in Tokyo. The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (IEEE OES) again has the pleasure of inviting authors and delegates to the UT 2025 in Taipei. Scholars, students, and experts in the UT field are most welcome to participate in technical communications through presentations and discussions. The UT25 consists of three technical presentations, keynote speeches, student posters, and a first-day technical tour. The conference will also entertain the delegates with various social functions, including a reception, a banquet, and a last-day culture tour. Be sure to be in Taipei in March 2025. Use the opportunity to present your work and experiences through technical discussions in an informal atmosphere with people you already know and the new you will meet.
The organizers are soliciting abstracts from both industry and academia that focus on near-term development and applications in the underwater environment within the following suggested headings:

Autonomous Ocean Sensing Systems
Mobile Sensor and Actuator Networks
Human-autonomy Interaction
Environmental Monitoring
Marine Robotics
Marine Mineral Resources
Renewable Energy
Underwater Soundscape
Marine Construction
Observatory and Disaster Mitigation
Fishery Engineering
Acoustics and Communications
Marine Sensors
Underwater Bio-related Technology

Authors are welcome to address additional useful UT-related topics not listed above. The abstract submission system is currently under construction. Please stay tuned for its launch.

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