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Join us at GMASTRO2024 in Madrid, Spain, this August 8-10! This annual event is a premier gathering for astronomers, astrophysicists, and experts worldwide to share groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technologies in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with leading professionals and young researchers, collaborate across disciplines, and tackle multidisciplinary challenges. See you there!

Dr. Ephraim Suhir

Dr. Ephraim Suhir

Portland State University, USA
Prof. Brunello Tirozzi

Prof. Brunello Tirozzi

University La Sapienza of Rome, Italy
Dr. Mark J. Jackson

Dr. Mark J. Jackson

Kansas State University, USA
Prof. Hari Mohan Srivastava

Prof. Hari Mohan Srivastava

University of Victoria, Canada
Dr. Huachao Yang

Dr. Huachao Yang

Zhejiang University, China
Dr. Arun Kumar Singh

Dr. Arun Kumar Singh

ICFAI University, Raipur, India
Dr. Emin Taner Elmas

Dr. Emin Taner Elmas

Igdir University, Turkey
Dr. Waseem Khan

Dr. Waseem Khan

Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Dr. Chandan Joshi

Dr. Chandan Joshi

JECRC University, India
Dr. Arun Babu Kollamparambil

Dr. Arun Babu Kollamparambil

St Alberts College, India
Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline
Draft paper submission deadline

Global Meet on Astronomy and Astrophysics (GMASTRO2024) will be held in Madrid, Spain during August 08-10, 2024.

GMASTRO2024 is an annual meeting organized with the intention of being a platform for astronomers, astrophysicists, astrochemists, astroengineers, astrobiologists, astrogeologists, NASA researchers, and scientists, as well as experts from all over the world, to present their research results and development activities in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The meeting brings together world-class participants and young researchers looking for opportunities for exchanges that cross traditional discipline boundaries and allows them to resolve multidisciplinary challenging problems that only a venue of this nature can offer. Through this event, you will be able to share state-of-the-art developments and cutting-edge technologies in the broad areas of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

We cordially invite the scientific community to participate in what promises to be a memorable meeting in August, 2024 at Madrid.

Submission Topics

  • Astronomy: Astrophysics, Astrometry, Astrogeology, Astrobiology
  • Archaeoastronomy
  • Astronomical Instrumentation
  • Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry
  • CMB Polarization
  • Communication in Astrophysics
  • Computational Astrophysics
  • Cosmic Rays and Gamma Astronomy
  • Cosmic Rays, High Energy Astronomy
  • Cosmology
  • Dark Matter/Energy Theory
  • Earth-Moon System
  • Extragalactic Astronomy
  • Extrasolar Planets
  • Galactic Dynamics
  • Galaxy
  • Gamma-ray, Infrared-ray Astronomy
  • Gravitation Astrophysics
  • Gravitational-wave Astronomy
  • Heliospheric Physics
  • High-Energy Astrophysics
  • Interstellar Matter
  • Magnetospheric Physics
  • Neutrino/Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Optical Astronomy
  • Orbital Analysis & Satellite Technologies
  • Planetary Science
  • Planets Ionospheres and Magnetospheres
  • Planets, Comets, Asteroids and Dust
  • Plasma Astrophysics
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Solar and Stellar Physics
  • Solar Physics and Solar System
  • Solar Terrestrial Physics
  • Space Science and Exploration
  • Spectroscopy
  • Supermassive Black Holes and Quasars
  • Theoretical Astrophysics
  • Worm Hole and Black Holes
  • Worm Hole and Black Holes
  • Worm Hole and Black Holes
  • Astrochemistry
  • Brown Dwarfs and Planets


Title (Times new roman, font size 14)

Presenting Author1, Co-Authors2,* (Times new roman, font size 12)

Department, Organisation, Address, City, Country (Italic, Times new roman, font size 11)

*Corresponding Author E-mail: (Times new roman, font size 10) (only one)

ABSTRACT (Times new roman, font size 11) (Max. 500 words)

You are invited to submit your abstract (maximum 500 words). The title should be in Times New Roman font size 14 with first letter of each word capitalized and the text centered, the Authors’ names should be in Times New Roman font size 12, the Authors’ affiliation should be in Times New Roman font size 11 and italic, the main text of the abstract should be in Times New Roman font size 12. Multiple authors are separated by commas. If the authors are from different affiliations, number superscript can be marked to distinguish. Please mark the corresponding author with a superscript “*”. The presenter name should be underlined. Page Size should be A4 with margins in normal and 1.5 spacing between the lines. Paragraph should be justified (straight-edged) on both left and right. Keywords should be included below the main text of abstract in Times New Roman font size 12 and italic. The references should be as per format. 

Keywords: Keyword1; Keyword2; Keyword3; Keyword4; (Maximum 4).

Biography: 250 words

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  • Jul 22 2024

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Jul 22 2024

    Draft paper submission deadline

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