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We are elated to announce the much-anticipated International Meet on Nursing & Healthcare, a revolutionary event slated to take place in Dubai, UAE from February 10-12, 2025.

The event's overarching aim, to set the stage for a dynamic and insightful congress. NURSINGMEET2025 stands out as a premier interdisciplinary platform that brings together a diverse spectrum of professionals, including scientists, researchers, nanotechnologists, chemists, physicists, healthcare professionals, pharmacists, clinicians, practitioners, industry leaders, and educators. The convergence of these varied perspectives is intended to spark discussions, catalyze collaborations, and push the boundaries of knowledge in Nursing & Healthcare.

Call for paper

Submission Topics

 Telehealth Expansion
 COVID-19 Pandemic Response
 Nursing Shortages
 Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health
 Mental Health Awareness
 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare
 Patient-Centered Care
 Healthcare Sustainability
 Chronic Disease Management
 Nurse Leadership and Advocacy
 Aging Population Challenges
 Healthcare Workforce Burnout
 Digital Health Innovation
 Interprofessional Collaboration
 Value-Based Care Models
 Health Information Privacy and Security
 Holistic and Integrative Medicine
 Healthcare Ethics and Legal Issues
 Global Health Initiatives
 Healthcare Quality Improvement
 Precision Medicine
 Nursing Education Transformation
 Healthcare Policy and Legislation
 End-of-Life Care and Palliative Services
 Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
 Patient Safety Culture
 Community Health Initiatives
 Nursing Research Advancements
 Medical Technology Advancements
 Nutrition and Dietetics
 Maternal and Child Health
 Patient Engagement Strategies
 Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
 Innovations in Nursing Practice
 Alternative Care Settings
 Healthcare Financing Models
 Infectious Disease Control
 Health Literacy Promotion
 Environmental Health Awareness
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