ICACC 2024 is a multidisciplinary event which covers a wide spectrum of related concepts drawn from the various disciplines of Engineering & Technology. The themes of the conference are “Smart Electronics & IoT, Explainable AI & Applications, Advanced Semiconductor Technology, Future of Computing: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities and Intelligent Transportation Systems and Smart City Technologies.” The conference provides a knowledge-building and experience-sharing platform for professionals from the industry, academia, and research organizations. ICACC, initiate a call for research papers in all areas of science, engineering, and technology.

This annual event, initiated in 2011, has gradually matured into one of the top conferences internationally. The past decade has witnessed a proliferation of ever-increasing demand for smart computing and secure and reliable communications. As computer systems and communication networks become increasingly large and complex, their ease of implementation and reliability plays a critical role in supporting next generation technology. These systems consist of heterogeneous software, hardware and network components of changing capacities, availability, and in varied contexts. Thus, it remains a challenge to design, analyze, evaluate, and improve the performance and security of computing and communication techniques. The new era of information and communication technology emphasizes on the seamless roles of connectivity, interfaces, and embedded systems in all aspects of digital life.

This conference aims at bringing out computing and communication concepts everywhere for the upbringing of better and smarter world with smarter technologies. Plenary talks from experts and well-known speakers on the theme and its related topics are the highlights of the conference.

The technical program includes a banquet talk and multiple keynotes talks from experts in the field of computing and communications. It includes experts from various industries as well as Institution. Peer-reviewed paper presentations will take place in multiple tracks. All technical papers are reviewed by a panel of national and international experts. ICACC provides an integrated & multifaceted forum for bringing together leading academicians, scientists, researchers, and industrial practitioners, to discuss and exchange theoretical findings, experimental results, novel designs, work-in-progress, industrial experiences, case studies, and trend-setting ideas in the areas of computing and communications.


Conference Committee


  • Rev. Dr. Jose Kuriedath CMI, Director, RSET

General chair

  • Fr Dr Jaison Paul Mulerikkal CMI, Professor, RSET

Advisory Board

  • Dr. P.S. Sreejith, Principal, RSET
  • Dr. Paulose Jacob, Dean Research, RSET,India
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar P.B., Professor, RSET
  • Mr Susanth Kurunthil, CEO, InfoPark, Kochi.
  • Dr. John Jose, IIT Guwahati
  • Professor Alistair Rendell, Professor, Rendell, Vice President and Executive Dean, College of Science and Engineering, Flinders University. Australia.
  • Dr-Ing.Vít Fábera, Ph.D, Head, Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Dr Majo George, Senior Lecturer, RMIT University Vietnam
  • Dr.-Ing. Ali Bawono, PMP, Senior Researcher & Lecturer, TUM Singapore

TPC chairs

  • Dr. Poornima S, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kochi
  • Fr. Dr. Joseph Mathew, RSET
  • Mr. Binu A, RSET
  • Dr. Hari C.V., RSET

Publication chair

  • Dr. Elizabeth Rita Samuel, RSET
  • Dr. Deepti Das Krishna, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kochi

Publicity chair

  • Dr. Lekshmi M.S., RSET

Finance Committee Chair

  • Ms.Shyama Sreekumar, RSET

Technical Program Committee

  • Dr. Raghu C V, NIT Calicut
  • Mr. Mithun Haridas T P, CUSAT
  • Dr. Daleesha M Viswanathan, CUSAT
  • Mr. Arun A. Balakrishnan, CUSAT
  • Dr. Anzar S. M., TKMCE
  • Dr. Arun K S, CUSAT
  • Dr. Vishnu Kumar, CUSAT
  • Dr. Remya K Sasi, CUSAT
  • Dr. Sidharth Shelly, MA College, Kothamangalam
  • Dr. Nisha Kamraj, Amrita School of Engineering, Kollam
  • Dr. Rashmi Manazhi, Amrita School of Engineering, Kollam
  • Dr. Arun Varghese, GEC Wayanad
  • Dr. Finto Raphel, Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology, Thrissur
  • Dr. M V Rajesh, College of Engineering Poonjarr
  • Dr. Abhilash Antony, MITS Kochi
  • Dr. Anzar S. M., TKMCE
  • Dr. Sherly K.K, RSET, India
  • Dr. Jobin Antony, RSET, India
  • Dr. Jaison Jacob, RSET, India
  • Dr. Jisha G, RSET, India
  • Dr. Abraham Thomas, RSET,India
  • Dr. Sreekumar G, RSET, India
  • Dr. Rithu James, RSET, India
  • Dr. Jayanthi V.S, RSET
  • Dr. Sminu Izhudheen, RSET
  • Dr. Preetha K.G, RSET
  • Dr. Rinu A.K, RSET
  • Dr. Varghese Paul, RSET, India.
  • Dr. Ramkumar P.B, RSET
  • Mr. Binu A, RSET
  • Ms. Seema Safar, RSET
  • Dr. Nikhila Tribhuvan, RSET
  • Dr. Neeba E.A, RSET
  • Ms. Sangeetha Jamal, RSET
  • Dr. Sabna N, RSET
  • Mr. Dominic Mathew, RSET
  • Dr.Lakshmi K.S,RSET
  • Dr. Lekshmi M.S, RSET
  • Dr Varghese Paul, RSET
  • Ms. Jincy J Fernandez, RSET
  • Ms.Tripti C,RSET
  • Dr. Marypriya Sebastian, RSET
  • Dr.Rinku Jacob, RSET
  • Dr. Biju Paul, RSET
  • Ms. Anita John, RSET
  • Ms. Harsha Appukuttan, RSET
  • Ms. Rinju Mariam Rolly, RSET
  • Mr. Paul Augustine, RSET
  • Dr. Varghese S Chooralil, RSET
  • Ms. Neethu Radha Gopan, RSET
  • Mr. Karunakara Menon, RSET
  • Ms. Ramitha Rajesh, RSET
  • Ms. Divya James, RSET
  • Mr. Kiran K A, RSET
  • Ms. Jomina John, RSET
  • Mr. Harikrishnan M, RSET
  • Dr. Soman K P, Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore
  • Dr. Nisha Haridas, Qualcomm, Bangalore
  • Dr. Ranjith R, Christ University, Bangalore
  • Dr. Remya Jayachandran, NIE Mysore
  • Dr. Namitha Sivadas, Nokia, Bangalore
  • Mr. Prasad Mutkule,Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj College of Engineering
  • Dr. Nisha J S, VIT Vellore
  • Dr. Biji C.L, VIT Vellore
  • Dr. Renoh Johnson Chalakkal, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Dr. Arun Sankar M S, South East Technological University, Ireland
  • Dr. Anuj Abraham, Senior Researcher, Technology Innovation Institute (TII), UAE


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    Nov 08


  • Jul 31 2024

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  • Nov 08 2024

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