Cognitive Aspects of Virtual Reality (cVR) investigates the next phases of IT evolution characterized by a transition from digital environments based on 2D graphical user interfaces (e.g. windows, images, 2D widgets) to 3D spaces which represent a higher-level integration of VR/AR/MR/Metaverse/IoD systems, human spatial cognition, the 2D digital world (i.e. Web 2.0, Web 3.0) and artificial intelligence (AI). A primary focus of cVR is how this transition simultaneously makes use of and augments human capabilities, including psychological, cognitive and social capabilities – especially capabilities linked to a deeper understanding of geometric, temporal and semantic relationships. By extension, cVR further investigates the effects of these changes in human and AI capabilities with respect to a variety of sectors including education, commerce, healthcare, industrial production and others.


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– Industry 4.0 in VR, Digital Twin
– UI/UX of Virtual Reality
– VR/AR/XR/Metaverse/DR/IoD
– Internet of Digital & Cognitive Realities (IoD)
– Management and marketing in VR
– VR-supported design
– VR education
– VR events
– VR supported decision making
– Cognitive Cloud
– Gamification in VR environment
– VR-supported rehabilitation
– VR operation systems
– Social VR
– Cognitive aspects of avatars
– Socio-cognitive aspects of Virtual Reality
– Cognitive Infocommunications
– Photorealistic VR
– VR Haptics
– Emerging new cognitive capabilities in VR
– AI in VR

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  • Jun 01 2024

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  • Nov 07 2024

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