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The steel industry is an important foundational industry in the national economy and is crucial for economic and social development. With the announcement of the "Peak Carbon" and "Carbon Neutrality" targets in 2020, the steel industry has become a key area for achieving green and low-carbon development goals. Green and low-carbon development has become a universal consensus both nationally and globally. According to statistics, the annual carbon emissions of the steel industry account for approximately 15% of the total national carbon emissions. With the continuous changes in the steel market and policies, the industry faces many challenges, including uncertainties in the global economic situation, fluctuations in raw material prices, and increasing pressure for environmental protection. The transformation of enterprises towards green and low-carbon development is imminent.

The 3rd China Green Steel Summit will be held under the theme of "Energy Conservation, Carbon Reduction and Green Development." It will gather experts, researchers, and professionals from various fields in the steel industry to provide a platform for exchange and discussion on the sustainable development of the steel industry. Taking a comprehensive perspective of the entire steel industry chain, the summit will delve into topics such as the current status and trends of the steel industry, the steel market, policies and regulations, innovation in low-carbon hydrogen metallurgical smelting technology, technological innovation, energy conservation, and other hot topics. The aim is to promote the intelligent and low-carbon transformation and upgrading of the steel industry and envision a green future for the steel industry.


Event Date/ Location / Organizer

November 21-22,2024 / Shanghai, China / ECV International

The summit will be held in-person and online.

Simultaneous interpretation (mutual translation between Chinese and English) is provided at the venue.



  • The Steel Market in the Context of “Dual carbon” and Ultra-low Emissions
  • Analysis of EU Carbon Border Regulation Mechanism
  • Research on the Main Process Paths of Baowu Carbon Neutral Metallurgical Technology
  • Hydrogen-based Direct Reduction Ironmaking Process Using Hydrogen Reduction Instead of Carbon ReductionTechnology Development and Practice Path of Pollution and Carbon Reduction
  • Paths to Realize Energy Saving and Cost Reduction in Steel Production Process
  • How Digitalization Drives the Low-Carbon Transformation of the Iron and Steel Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Rolling Technology: Deep Integration of Green Digital Manufacturing and Industrial Internet
  • Accelerating Carbon Reduction Process through Biomass Steelmaking
  • Panel Discussion: Building a Sustainable Green Steel Industry Chain to Achieve a Balance between Economic Benefits and Environmental Friendliness
  • ......


Industry Sectors

Consulting Firm ; Steel Production and Processing ; Manufacturer ; Low-carbon Technology Provider ; Industrial Digitalization Solution ; Provider ; Iron Ore Supplier ; Coal Pulverizer Supplier ; Coke Supplier ; Equipment Provider ; Power Company ; Energy Company ; Automobile industry ; Machinery Manufacturing ; Construction Industry ; Authoritative Industry Association and Organization ; Academic Research Institution ; Logistics and Transportation


The 3rd China Green Steel Summit is looking forward to your arrival.

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