The electrical power energy sector and the market Energy efficiency and renewable sources of electrical energy Lighting Studies and analyses on processes and phenomena




Prof. Valentin Kolev,  PhD, TU-Sofia

Dpt. Chairman

Associated prof. Nikolay Matanov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Dpt. Chairman

prof. Valentina Markova, PhD, TU-Varna,

Chair IEEE Bulgaria


Associated prof. Ivan Angelov, PhD

Associated prof. Iva Draganova-Zlateva, PhD





Prof. Valentin Kolev,  PhD, TU-Sofia

Dpt. Chairman

Prof. Valeri Mladenov, DSc, TU-Sofia

Scientific secretary

Associated prof. Nikolay Matanov, PhD, TU-Sofia


Prof. Comodi Gabriele, UniversitàPolitecnicadelle Marche, Italy

Prof. Ekonomou Lambros, School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Greece

Prof. Nankoo Daniel, City, University of London, United Kingdom

Prof. Németh Bálint, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

Prof. Pavlatos Christos, Hellenic Air Force Academy, Greece

Prof. Rodríguez Cortés Pedro, Loyola University Andalusia, Spain

Prof. Seritan George, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Prof. Vita Vasiliki, School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Greece

Prof. Ugur Atikol, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey

Prof. Ivan Yatchev, DSc, TU-Sofia

Prof. Vladimir Lazarov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Zahari Ivanov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Iliana Marinova, DSc, TU-Sofia

Prof. Rajna Ceneva, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Ivan Ivanov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Petar Nakov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Angel Colov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Dimo Stoilov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Zahari Zarkov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Plamen Rizov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Prof. Dilyana Gospodinova, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Svetlana Cvetkova, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Radoslav Spasov, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Georgi Todorov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Ivajlo Dolapchiev, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Ludmil Stoyanov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Ivan Angelov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Valchan Georgiev, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Ivan Kostov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Valentin Mateev, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Iva Petrinska, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Rad Stanev, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Kalinka Todorova, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Daniel Dobrilov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Nikolay Vitkov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Iosko Balabozov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Iva Draganova-Zlateva, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Kostadin Milanov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Angel Petleshkov, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Emil Rachev, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Borislav Bojchev, PhD, TU-Sofia

Associated prof. Dimitar Pavlov, PhD, TU-Sofia

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