Topological methods have become, over the last few years, an established framework for the extraction and analysis of subtle structural patterns in complex data. It has been successfully applied in a variety of application fields, including quantum chemistry, astrophysics, fluid dynamics, combustion, material sciences, biology, and data science. In particular, the genericity, efficiency, and robustness of topological methods have made them particularly well suited for the multi-scale, interactive analysis and visualization of the structural information of data. Typical challenges of topology-based techniques include dealing with large, complex, and time-dependent data, characterizing noise and uncertainty, as well as developing efficient and robust numerical methods.

The IEEE VIS Workshop on Topological Data Analysis and Visualization aims at being an inclusive forum for the fast dissemination of the latest results in theory, algorithms, and applications of topological methods for the interactive and visual analysis of data. This workshop is a remodeling of the established TopoInVis workshop series, with the goal of being more diverse (in terms of applications) and inclusive (in terms of communities), with a clear will to open to other members of the visualization community potentially interested in topological methods, or experts in topological methods from other communities willing to experiment with interactive and visual applications.

Previously eight successful workshops have taken place in this workshop series: Slovakia in 2005, Germany in 2007, USA in 2009, Switzerland in 2011, USA in 2013, Germany in 2015, Japan in 2017, Sweden in 2019, USA in 2022, Australia in 2023. This is the third workshop to be held in conjunction with IEEE VIS.

To attend TopoInVis, please register through the IEEE VIS website.

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