The 10th IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Technology and Engineering 2024 (IEEE i-COSTE 2024), offers an ideal opportunity for researchers, engineers, academics and students from all over the world to bring the latest technological advances and applications in popular engineering areas, as well as to network and promote the discipline. Cutting edge researchers in the field will present keynote speeches during a four-day program that also features tutorials and technical session on theory, analysis, design, testing and advances within the field of engineering. Scholarships are offered for students to cover the cost of attending the conference and reduced registration fees apply to delegates from UN least developed countries. The papers presented at the conference will be included in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

This year IEEE i-COSTE 2024 is being held in Physical and Virtual modes at Aloft Hotels, Perth, Australia. Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a modern city known for its stunning beaches, vibrant cultural scene, and thriving economy. Nestled along the southwestern coast, Perth offers a mix of contemporary and historic architecture with a backdrop of the picturesque Swan River. The city boasts a Mediterranean climate, making it ideal for outdoor activities and festivals. Perth is home to diverse cultural and artistic venues, a rich culinary scene, and serves as a gateway to explore Western Australia's natural wonders, including the Swan Valley, Pinnacles Desert, and Margaret River wine region. With a friendly atmosphere and a balanced urban-outdoor lifestyle, Perth is a dynamic and welcoming destination. The Conference is hosted and sponsored by The University of Fiji, The University of the South Pacific, Murdoch University, Fiji Airways, Energy Fiji Limited, and NPS Australia.

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Topic of Interest

Renewable and Alternative Energy Engineering

• Alternative and Green Energy Resources
• Renewable Power Generation
• Renewable Energy Technologies and Integration
• Energy management and control systems
• Solar Photovoltaic and Wind system
• Bioenergy and Biorefinery Technologies
• Solar Thermal Electricity
• Hydro, Tidal and Geothermal Energy
• Renewable Energy Commercialization
• PV and Wind for Rural Development
• Microgrids

Energy Storage and Hydrogen Technology

• Energy Storage Systems and Materials
• Materials for Energy Harvesting and Conversion
• Energy Storage for Transportation
• Battery Technologies for Energy Storage and Application
• Ultracapacitor, Pumped Hydro, Phase Change Materials for Energy Storage
• Electrolysers and Fuel Cells Technologies
• Hydrogen Storage Technologies
• Hydrogen-to-Power and Power-to-X
• Hydrogen in Transportation
• Hydrogen Enabled Standalone and Hybrid Power System
• Techno-economic Assessment of Hydrogen Energy
• Hydrogen Economy

Sustainable Energy Systems

• Energy and Environment
• Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
• Energy Supply and Energy Utilities
• Energy Education, Outreach and Communication
• Energy Transition and Decarbonization Strategies
• Energy Policy, Economics and Regulation
• Energy Efficiency and Conservation
• Energy Sustainability
• Sustainable Farming
• Carbon Footprint
• Circular Economy
• Clean Energy Innovations
• Sustainable Development Goals

Future Electricity Grid

• Distributed Energy System and Resources
• Power-grid transmission, distribution system, and micro/mini/nano grid automation
• Microgrid Planning, Operation and Control
• Energy System Resilience
• Demand side management
• Clean Energy Conversion and Utilization
• Smart grids and Energy Management System
• Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches for efficient network operation, management, and self-configuration
• Protection and Emergency Control using Smart Grid
• Electric vehicle travel and charging behaviour analysis
• Virtual Power Plant

IoT and Cyber Security in Energy Systems

• Blockchain technologies for power grid
• Data models and communication-aware data management solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)
• Smart metering and Smart grids
• Networking standards for the Smart Grid
• Machine learning at the edge for smart-grid applications
• IoT-based digital twin for smart energy and cyber-physical systems
• Integration of smart meters in smart grid ICT networks
• Communication solutions for smart grid protection
• Models of smart grid security and privacy
• Novel risk assessment models and techniques in cyber-physical settings
• End-to-end security for smart energy systems
• and More

Industrial Automation and Robotics

• Distributed control algorithms and their applications for voltage and frequency control
• Resilient, robust, scalable, and cybersecure control methods
• Machine learning for power system and microgrid control
• Integration of renewable energy resources at both distribution and bulk transmission systems
• Mitigation of renewable source variability
• Microgrid optimization and control
• Power-electronics-enabled transactive energy market design
• Autonomous vehicles
• Mobile robotics
• Monitoring of smart manufacturing systems
• Robust and distributed control
• and More

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  • Jul 30 2024

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Dec 20 2024

    Registration deadline

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