After many years of talking about how to fundamentally change the way that engineers and IT professionals are educated, now we can see it happening. The pendulum is swinging from a teacher-centric process to one where students take responsibility for their learning with teachers becoming mentors. This is largely enabled by the ubiquitous presence of IT infrastructure.

We welcome papers and discussions about your experiences in this process, as well as all the other traditional topics of ITHET.

The convergence of current technologies provides the infrastructure for transmitting and storing information faster and cheaper. For information to be used in gaining knowledge, however, environments for collecting, storing, disseminating, sharing and constructing knowledge are needed. Such environments, knowledge media, bring together telecommunication, computer and networking technologies, learning theories and cognitive sciences to form meaningful environments that provide for a variety of learner needs. 

Co-located Workshops

For several years, ITHET has hosted/co-located two workshops that run their own review process. All papers are submitted using the ConfTool system, but the specific track must be selected.

These workshops have their own special themes and Calls for Papers.

As is the case for ITHET papers, all papers accepted by these workshops are submitted to IEEE for publication in IEEE:Xplore. All papers must meet IEEE standards before publication.

These papers are scheduled into parallel sessions alongside ITHET sessions.

We urge you to submit papers to these Workshops if your research more appropriately fits there.

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